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Surface Mounted Devices - SMD Soldering

  • Surface Mount Technology SMD [external link]: A beginner's guide, which includes soldering instructions.
  • Surface mounting with hand-soldering tools [external link]
  • SMD Soldering Tutorial [external link]: This tutorial will show you just how to solder crazy things like this connector, leadless ICs, etc. There are a very few tools that are required and a handful that are recommended but you'll be able to solder: * SOT23 * TQFP * QFN * Even BGA! * And all the others!
  • SMD Hand Soldering Guide [external link]: The purpose of this guide is to introduce SMD (Surface Mount Device) hand soldering. The guide is organized into different methods. Each method is used specifically for a group of SMD components. A simplified list is included with each method to identify which types of SMD components are for the appropriate method.

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