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How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble a Cowon Portable Media Player

Do you need to upgrade or repair your portable (digital) media player? Here is a collection of free take apart instructions, disassembly pictures, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks for iAudio mobile media players (portable digital audio players and video players). If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of a tutorial not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Cowon iAudio A2 [external link]Great guide on how to take apart your portable multimedia player, remove the dust and put it back together again.
Cowon iAudio D2/D2+ [external link]If the battery of this player doesn't work long anymore, it is time to disassemble the gadget and replace the battery. These instructions are also useful for LCD substitution (in Italian).
Cowon iAudio X5 [external link]A picture gallery exposing the inner parts of the media player.

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