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How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble an Apple Portable Media Player

Do you need to upgrade or repair your Apple Computer Inc. [external link] portable (digital) media player? Here is a collection of free take apart instructions, disassembly pictures, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and tricks for iPod Mini, Nano, Shuttle, Video mobile media players (portable digital audio players and video players). If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of a tutorial not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Apple iPod  [external link]The iPod Battery unplugged: the real story on what may (or may NOT) be wrong with your iPod battery. Includes take apart pictures showing the latches and hooks which hold the player case together.
Apple iPod  [external link]Retrofitting an iPod into a Geiger Counter.
Apple iPod [external link]How to convert an iBook AV cable to iPod AV cable. Includes pinouts of both.
Apple iPod [external link]How to make a bike charger.
Apple iPod [external link]The best just got bigger: adding a 3.5" hard drive.
Apple iPod [external link]Screen scratch removal.
Apple iPod [external link]How to embroider a skull on an iPod sock. An iBag hack.
Apple iPod [external link]Do-it-yourself iPod stand.
Apple iPod [external link]Dock Connector Pin Out, JAE plug disassembly pictures.
Apple iPod [external link]Brushing and modding.
Apple iPod [external link]Modded, brushed and painted.
Apple iPod [external link]Dock pinouts.
Apple iPod [external link]Build your own battery.
Apple iPod [external link]Beneath the surface.
Apple iPod [external link]Building your own battery, pros, cons and caveats.
Apple iPod  [external link]Some pictures from the inside.
Apple iPod  [external link]Close-up of the iPod dock's docking connecter with some of the pins labeled.
Apple iPod  [external link]Some dissection pictures of an iPod with dock connector.
Apple iPod (1. Generation) [external link]An illustrated step-by-step take apart guide.
Apple iPod (1. Generation) [external link]An illustrated take apart guide.
Apple iPod (2. Generation) [archived link]Pulling apart the unopenable case.
Apple iPod (2. Generation) [external link]20GB dissection and take apart guide with pictures.
Apple iPod (3. Generation) [external link]Opening the case, removing the hard disk and replacing the battery.
Apple iPod (3. Generation) [external link]Remote connector pin-out and serial cable schematics.
Apple iPod (4. Generation) [external link]How to replace a broken screen.
Apple iPod (4. Generation) [external link]Replacing the hard drive, a step-by-step guide with detailed pictures.
Apple iPod [external link]Battery replacement video.
Apple iPod [external link]How to disassemble and clean the mechanical scroll wheel.
Apple iPod [external link]Pictures and disassembly instructions for hacking the remote.
Apple iPod [external link]A case made from real wood.
Apple iPod [external link]INO a fancy iPOD made from an old Apple mouse.
Apple iPod [external link]iNO gets a dock. A selfmade stand.
Apple iPod [external link]Turn your iPod into an universal remote.
Apple iPod  [external link]Install your iPod in your car, permanently. Building a custom made car console with a do-it-yourself mold and dental acrylic (polymer and monomer).
Apple iPod [external link]Dock pinout.
Apple iPod [archived link]RetroPod: fitting an iPod into a Sony Sports Walkman.
Apple iPod [external link]Take apart instructions and pictures (in Japanese).
Apple iPod [external link]Case mode made from an old German police flashlight.
Apple iPod [external link]A battery pack made from an Atari 2600 cartridge.
Apple iPod 1st Gen. [external link]To get it apart take a metal spudger, there are metal tabs along each side of the player.
Apple iPod 1st & 2nd Gen. [external link]A complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many pictures [PDF].
Apple iPod 3rd Gen. [external link]A complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many tips, tricks and pictures [PDF].
Apple iPod 4th Gen. [external link]A complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many pictures [PDF].
Apple iPod Classic [external link]Here are all the bits and pieces of the player nicely separated.
Apple iPod Classic 6th Gen. [external link]It's not to hard to fix a broken player, but there are couple of tricks. The hardest part is opening the case.
Apple iPod mini [external link]Autopsy of the player.
Apple iPod mini [external link]Faceplate Housing Installation Instructions and Disassembly.
Apple iPod mini [external link]Step-by-step illustrated take apart tutorial.
Apple iPod mini [external link]8GB CompactFlash Photo hard drive upgrade.
Apple iPod mini [external link]An illustrated take apart guide.
Apple iPod mini [external link]How to replace the battery, an illustrated step-by-step tutorial.
Apple iPod mini [external link]Some pictures from a dissection.
Apple iPod mini [external link]How to replace the internal hard disk drive with flash memory. Works for other iPod models, too.
Apple iPod mini [external link]A complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many pictures [PDF].
Apple iPod mini [external link]Disassembly and battery substitution guide.
Apple iPod nano [external link]Stress test and autopsy pictures.
Apple iPod nano [external link]Disassembly pictures and instructions (in Japanese).
Apple iPod nano [external link]Check out these exclusive shots of the new iPhonePod. It's got all the features of a RAZR, and all the features of a 4GB iPod nano. It's funny nerdery. Laugh.
Apple iPod nano [external link]How to expand the iPod to 200GB space.
Apple iPod nano [external link]Picture gallery of a dissection.
Apple iPod nano [external link]A take apart guide (in Japanese).
Apple iPod nano [external link]Autopsy and dissection of a dead player.
Apple iPod nano [external link]So, you have a black nano and now realize that you should have purchased a case or a cover for it. But, it's too late now, it's already covered with barely visible scratches and marks that you can only see under a 500-watt lamp. Oh no! What will you do? Restore your iPod nano to new condition with a $4 can of Brasso.
Apple iPod Nano 1st Gen. [external link]A complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many photos [PDF].
Apple iPod nano 1st Gen. [external link]A take apart and display replacement HOWTO (in Italian).
Apple iPod nano 2nd Gen. [external link]Carefully insert an opening tool in the seam between the metal casing and white plastic top.
Apple iPod nano 3rd Gen. [external link]Here's a look inside the case, which has eight locking tabs.
Apple iPod nano 4th Gen. [external link]Completely illustrated step-by-step disassembly manual showing how to replace: hard drive, display, logic board, case components and battery.
Apple iPod nano 5th Gen. [external link]This teardown provides a look inside a device and should not be used as disassembly instructions.
Apple iPod nano 5th Gen. [external link] [video]This video explains how to get to inner parts of the player.
Apple iPod photo [external link]Take at look at the inside: take apart picture gallery.
Apple iPod Shuffle [external link]Building a raid system.
Apple iPod Shuffle [external link]iStain: theft deterrent. Dissection picture gallery.
Apple iPod Shuffle [external link]HOWTO: nonviolent disassembly.
Apple iPod Shuffle [external link]The Altoids shuffle case, a fashion modding.
Apple iPod Shuffle [external link]An illustrated step-by-step take apart manual.
Apple iPod Shuffle [external link]Turn a packet of Wringley's Juicy Fruit into an iPod Shuffle.
Apple iPod Shuffle [external link]An Altoids case made from an old iPod.
Apple iPod Shuffle [external link]Charging and playing at the same time.
Apple iPod Shuffle (2nd Generation ClamShell) [external link]AC/DC wall charger: pin outs, schematics, parts list, pictures and assembly guide.
Apple iPod Shuffle [external link]How to build a batterypack/charger device that can extend the usefulness of the Shuffle. Apple sells such a device but it is rather expensive for what it does.
Apple iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen. [external link]The top and bottom of the player have white plastic caps held on by a mild adhesive, heat the caps with a hair dryer and gently pry them both up.
Apple iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen. [external link]This player features an incredibly shiny stainless steel enclosure, see this guide about how to crack into it.
Apple iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen. [external link]Wondering what is inside this gadget, take this gallery of the cracking open process.
Apple iPod 5GB [external link]A dissection guide with pictures.
Apple iPod (misc. generations) [external link]This tutorial shows how to replace the output capacitor for portable digital media players. It skips the headphone amplifier to get pure audio straight from the source. Note: this diyMod is not the same as the iMod! This modification is not meant for beginners; go past this point at your own risk. The SMD elements to deal with are very small, and accidents can be potentially fatal to your media player.
Apple iPod Touch [external link]An illustrated screen replacement tutorial.
Apple iPod Touch 2nd Gen. [external link]An illustrated take apart guide with detailed photos.
Apple iPod Touch 3rd Gen. [external link]How to get access to the innards of the player.
Apple iPod Touch 3rd Gen. [external link] [video]This videos shows how take apart the player.
Apple iPod Video [external link]Take apart guide and pictures.
Apple iPod Video [external link]Video iPod Exposed: Guts to Glory, PSP Style. Take a peek under the hood with this detailed disassembly guide.
Apple iPod Video [external link]Vivisection: an illustrated disassembly report.
Apple iPod Video [external link]A complete take apart, upgrade and repair manual with many illustrations [PDF].
Apple iPod Video 5th gen. [external link]This DIY HOWTO describes how to create a digital picture frame (DPF) from a portable media player, probably the easiest thing to use.

Bags, Cases, Screen Protectors

Apple iPod [external link]Make replaceable protector patches from tape (and other stuff) for your otherwise scratchable LCD screens.
Apple iPod [external link]Knitted Ipod Cosy Sock: make your own sock for your iPod, not only does it look cool, it stops scratches and bumps.
Apple iPod [external link]Another sock modding.

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