5 Tips On How to Choose a Garage Door Company in 2019

Don’t just hire any garage door company. You might think your garage door is an easy fix, but you also don’t want to waste time or money on a company that doesn’t have a good or non-existent reputation. And have you heard of the garage scam companies out there?

If you follow the list of tips will help you choose the best garage door company near you.

Make Sure They’re A Licensed Company

Mistakes happen in any repair industry, so it’s always worth it to check if the company you’re contacting for a quote is licensed to practice their repairs on your garage. A company is licensed will be legally qualified to repair your garage door and provides a legal safeguard for you in the case that damage wrong in installations and repairs.

Usually, a company that’s licensed will display that they are on their home page or footer section of their website. A quick local search for garage door repair San Diego provide this example:

how to Choose a garage door company

Check Online Reviews

It’s always a good idea to check on what past customers have said about a company’s work. A few places that list past customer reviews are Yelp, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Home Advisor, and Angie’s List. No repair company is perfect, but as long as they’re consistently about four stars, you should be in the clear.

Get Multiple Quotes

Make sure to call around to the first few company’s you in your area. Some local companies offer discounts during certain times of the year while others are overpricing customers all the time. We suggest a minimum of three calls and then decide.

Ask Friends, Family, and Social Media

Do you have a friend or family member who’s had their garage door repaired? Call around and ask if they have. It’s worth a shot as they won’t try and sell you – just if they did the job right or not. You can even check your local community’s Facebook group. Ask around, and you’re bound to get links from customers in the area who’ve dealt with the problem you’re facing now.

Check Their Industry Experience

A garage door repair or installation is not cheap, and even with the above four tips, it can still be a challenge to choose a company. This is why we advise you to choose the company with the most experience when it comes time to break a tie. A company who have done 10,000 garage projects will have knowledgeable pros on their team and get the job done right.